Cupa Brumar – In Memoriam 2016

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Duminica, 6 noiembrie 2016, Cupa Brumar – In Memoriam 2016 a strans la startul competitiei numerosi sportivi, atat profesionisti cat si amatori. Categoria Open Family s-a bucurat si de data aceasta de o participare numeroasa, dovada ca lumea se reantoarce la natura. De data aceasta, cadrul natural al concursului a fost padurea de la Baneasa. […]


Predeal O-Week 2016

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More than 150 people of all ages, of five nationalities and even more ethnicities and backgrounds came together in Predeal, Romania, to compete in the „Sport in Nature for All” orienteering competition. The event took place from September 14th to 18th 2016 and was organised by the Mentor Silva Sports Club in Romania, with the […]